Tuesday, 13 October 2009

so today i have been tidying my room, due to a room inspection tomorrow.. i think i've done a pretty good job!! bearing in mind the hoover completely smells like vomit.. ain't nice!

last weekend i went home, it was nice to see my cats.. and family again! i also picked up a few things to bring back to norwich - one being my pocket gameboy! i was so stoked to find that, and then turns out i cant find ANY of the games.. i seriously had a gazillion! so i bought four online last night. nostalgia is a word that comes to mind. i should do a project on all of the characters from these games i played as a grew up, would be kinda cool! a break from cats and japan methinks.. haha!

i'll add some pictures of my beautifully clean room later on... and maybe some sketches from my new project!


here are some pictures of my room. strangely this room feels more like my own then any other bedroom i've ever had.. possibly because i've always had to share with a sister!

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