Tuesday, 13 October 2009

my favourite artist/painting/book

audrey kawasaki has been a large influence on my textiles for a long time - the way she paints reminds me of art deco paintings, most of the time the only word i can use to describe her paintings is beautiful! i have done two transcripts of her work and they are on my flickr (i posted a link on an earlier blog) but anyway, here is my favourite by her:

my favourite painting is not by kawasaki, its by john william waterhouse and is titled 'the lady of shalott'. i've always thought it was a beautiful painting, ever since i saw it when i first read the poem the painting is based on.

and lastly, my favourite book is definitely fresh fruits. it's based on a japanese fashion magazine.. and makes me wish i had the confidence to dress just as they do!! i love spending ages looking through this book at all the different ways they all dress, it's always extremely inspiring!

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